Isaiah- My favorite OT book

Imagine standing before the Niagara Falls. You are watching six hundred thousand gallons of water splash down that beautiful landscape a second. Mist sprays on your face as you stand within a few feet of that drop point where the powerful currents pour water down one hundred and sixty-seven feet to the bottom. The sound is deafening as the roaring of the torrents drowns all other sounds in it’s immense power. It’s a sight to engulf all the senses in majestic devastation, incredible beauty, and spectacular views.

If you’ve ever been to the falls, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It instantly draws you back to that wonderful experience. If you’ve never been, you should go. It will be a memory you will cherish forever.

But an even greater beauty can be found in the Old Testament, in a book containing sixty-six chapters. Isaiah paints portraits of the infinite and unmatched power of the Holy One of Israel. Each chapter is it’s own Niagara Falls. Each verse is like the six hundred thousands gallons if water pushing off the edge every second. The sound of the angels wings that worship God day and night crying “Holy, Holy, Holy!” drown out all other noises in our hectic lives. The height of the falls is ever left in the almighty shadows cast by the ineffable throne of the King of the Universe. Truly, HE is the sight to behold. When one gazes into this true Wonder of the world, it is a memory that will stand the tests of time. Forever the holy incense burned for The Lord will be in our nostrils as a sweet reminder of His presence.

That is the book of Isaiah. That is my favorite book in the Old Testament. It is the Niagara Falls of God’s thrice holy presence. Will you step to the edge and behold this wonderful portrait?


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