Jonah: A Man like Me

Jonah’s account has to be one of the most amazing and sad accounts in all of Scripture. Here is a man who is called God’s prophet. He stands before people and passes God’s word to them. But when God calls him to serve in an area he does not want to, he runs the other way.

The sovereign hand of God can be seen clearly throughout the entire book. From the storm to the worm, God is in control. This is, as I have often said, my favorite thing about God. Nothing in the universe happens without Him! And yet, at the same time, it is the most difficult thing to love out practically. At least for me. Here is where Jonah and I have a lot in common. At each juncture in this epic story Jonah is faced with one thing after another brought about by God. And yet Jonah continually gets angry. Why can’t you and I just sit back and realize God is in control? My prayer and desire is to do just that. And I hope it’s your prayer too.


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