Reading- Random Thoughts Part One

So we all desire to read more, read deeper, and probably finish some books. But we all have the same problem, no matter what stage in life we may be found in at the moment, we are all busy. Time is a precious commodity, and from the busy mom to the working dad, from the teenager involved in all sorts of activities to the young children busy playing, we all struggle to find time to read.

For the Christian, reading is a necessity. Reading the Bible is of utmost importance. It is how we grow in our relationship with The Lord, it is how we learn more about the Christian faith, and it tells us how we should live in the present world.

But the Christian shouldn’t be satisfied with just the Bible. This is not to say the Bible isn’t all the Christian needs, but that other books can prove to be helpful, encouraging, and informative.

There will be additional posts coming soon, but for now, purpose to read at least ten minutes a day. You may be surprised at how much you can work through a book with only ten minutes a day.


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