Reading- Random Thoughts Part Two

So as we contemplate reading, one of the sure threats to excellent reading is “skimming.” We do it all the time. I would venture to guess you’re probably doing it now!

It’s something we all struggle with daily. The amount of material we come in contact with is astounding. From news and sports channels on television to Twitter and social media, Americans have access to a seemingly infinite amount of information. It is impossible to process all this information.

Because of the amount of information we have available we have developed the ability to skim read vast amounts of material and get the gist of what was written. This can be very beneficial for matters that are not related to truths that have eternal results. Sports scores, daily news, stock prices are all easily observed and stored into the brain.

However, for Christians, we should develop the ability of reading comprehension. After reading an article, magazine, or book the Christian should be able to give what was read in his or her one language. Skimming will not suit this desired goal. While skim reading has benefits, it should be avoided when reading the Bible and other books that can help develop the character and life of the individual. So as you read throughout today, stop; take the time to actually read with the ability to comprehend what you have just read. You’ll notice a difference in your ability to process what you read!



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