Recently I read an article that addressed a huge but unspoken need in evangelical, Christian churches: sexual abstinence. This is not to say that the Church has failed to preach and teach it, or that Her leaders have forsaken the opportunity to provide the means and various methods to achieve abstinence until marriage. However, our churches have failed to provide young (and old) believers the right perspectives about marriage.

The reasons for this are many, I am sure. Many people find it awkward to discuss the topic, in mixed company or in individual groups. Pastors may feel inadequate to talk about it from the pulpit (and here care should be observed. When pastors get in bed in public view, though their intentions be pure, you have to ask some serious questions.) The challenge of the age gap is another issue many pastors and teachers of God’s Word face. For example, you wouldn’t really be comfortable having a youth pastor discuss sex and its effects to the youth group, divided or not.

Of course there are other examples, but the challenge remains for the Church to find out how to biblical discuss the topic and help educate believers to deal with the issues from premarital times to intra- and post marital occasions.


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