Walking Through Genesis- Chapter 16

This chapter’s main focus, at least to me, is man’s attempt to carry out God’s will in man’s way. Sarai could not bear children, and so in order to provide Abram a heir she offered her servant Hagar. Eventually it created division between Hagar and Sarai, and Abram allowed Sarai to kick the pregnant Hagar out. While in the wilderness God promised Hagar that she would have a son and that He would multiply his offspring. He would also be a wild man and would fight against everyone and they would fight against him. We must remember as we go throughout our lives that in order to carry out God’s will we must do it God’s way. In Abram’s case, it would have been extremely difficult to follow through with this being that he was 86 years old! But God promised He would have a son, and Abram would need to have faith and allow God to work. I realize that as I type this I am sitting on a comfortable bed, with my wife and two children safe and sound. It is easy for to say “Have faith in God and allow Him to do things His way.” But as we have already seen in Abram’s life, and as we will continue to see in the book of Genesis, God is in control. And we must simply rest in His sovereignty, as one would rest on a hammock after a nice day of work. 


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