Walking Through Genesis- Chapter 18

Chapter 18 is another wonderful account of Abraham’s interactions with God, his hospitality, and his pleading for a city.

These are the three areas from which we can focus and glean truths for our lives. To begin with, Abraham had another extended conversation with The Lord. It’s interesting to see how they talked to each other. It was a simple, normal conversation, not unlike a conversation a couple of friends may have. This is encouraging to is because we know we can talk to God with a friendly approach. Care must be exercised though that we do not treat God flippantly, for He is still Lord of the universe. But we can talk to God as a Person! What a profound thought!

The second thing to note is Abraham’s hospitality. Middle Eastern customs were similar to what Abraham would do for his three guests. But we can learn from him today! While it is not normal for us to offer our home and insist someone stay for a meal, we as American Christians really need to improve on our hospitality.

The final lesson we can learn from Abraham in chapter 18 is to plead with God for people. In this case, God made known to Abraham that He was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. After learning about this, Abraham and God went back and forth about sparing the city for the sake of those righteous people living there. And God, in His wonderful mercy, would promise Abraham that He would spare it for the number which would end finally at ten. We must approach God in a similar way! Have you spent time praying for lost loved ones? For friends? And for nations who have never heard of God and His Christ? Plead with Him as Abraham did! Remember God said He would spare Sodom and Gomorrah, and perhaps He will spare our loved ones, friends, and those for whom we pray from the destruction of the Lake of Fire.

I hope you have enjoyed our journey through Genesis. It is a wonderful book filled with amazing accounts as well as biblical truths for us to apply. We still have much ground to cover! So as we move through this amazing book, pray and ask God to show you new things in His Word!


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