Walking Through Genesis- Chapter 20

In Genesis chapter 20 we encounter a King who has incredible morals: Abimelech. It is from this pagan king, rather than the prophet of God, that we can learn some valuable lessons.

First, Abimelech acted in integrity when he discovered that Sarah was Abraham’s wife as opposed to his sister. Through a deceiving half truth Abraham reported that Sarah was his sister. Under this assumption Abimelech took her into his own house. Now, what Abimelech saw in a 80+ year old lady is not given. What we are told, however, is that Abimelech was warned in a dream not to touch her and he didn’t. This speaks much to his character, and unfortunately for Abraham little for his. None of us would blame him, for we would all seek self-preservation. But Abraham’s half truth ended in a completely lie and almost cost a man’s life and ultimately his nation.

Second, from Abrahm we learn that a half truth is not truth but a lie. The reason God spared Abimelech was because he was an upright man. He was operating under the impression that she was Abraham’s sister as opposed to his wife. We must be careful in this day and age that we aren’t speaking with these half truths. Let our no’s be no’s and our yes’s be yes’s.


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