Walking through Genesis- Chapter 22

Chapter 22 is one of the most perplexing and yet beautiful passages of Scripture in Genesis, and perhaps the entire Hebrew Bible. It is the test of Abraham, where God sees if Abraham really believed God. The story line is rather linear, Abraham is told by God to sacrifice Isaac, the son that he loved, on a mountain God would tell him. Abraham immediately obeys,saddles his donkey, and takes two young men with him. They make the journey. But before they reach the mountain Abraham instructs his two servants to stay behind while he and Isaac went to sacrifice. And then Abraham said that they would return.

This chapter has greater significance now that I have two children. Abraham displayed a depth of faith that I cannot imagine. When I hold me little girl or my son I cannot imagine anything bad happening to them, especially from my own hands. Even knowing, as Abraham seemed to, that God would raise them from the dead, it would still be too hard. But Abraham went through with it, and before he actually sacrificed Isaac the Lord stopped him. While God did provide them a lamb (see verse 13), God would eventually provide THE LAMB, His own Son, Whom He loves, Jesus of Nazareth. When we look at the account in this light it brings on a much greater significance. And the implications are almost as numerous as the stars. Our focus, however, is that whenever God asks us to do something, remember how he sent His own Son for our sins.


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