This chapter is loaded with applicable truths. And it will take some time to make our way through all of them.


To begin with, God keeps His promises! God promised Sarah and Abraham that they would have a son. And “at the time of which God had spoken to them” (21.3) Abraham and Sarah had Isaac. What an amazing lesson that we need to grasp today! God has made so many promises, and yet we often (or should I say “I”?) live as though we did not believe them.

Secondly, God cares for people. Though He had promised Abraham a son, and though Abraham attempted to circumvent God’s will, God still cared about Ishmael. In fact He said He would bless Him!

And finally we see how two people (here are people of power) can handle conflict. They communicated the problems between them and addressed them accordingly. How can we learn from this! So often our arguments are so petty and they can be solved from a simple discussion!

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