Chapter 24 is about the unnamed servant of Abraham finding a wife for Isaac. It is a wonderful chapter that really shows how God can and does work in the life of His children to bring about His purpose. It also shows how prayer can have a drastic affect on our lives and provide direction for us as well.

In this case Abraham’s servant made a promise to his master that he would go to Abraham’s original homeland and find a wife for Isaac. If he couldn’t find anyone then the servant would be free from the oath. So he gets his caravan ready and when he arrived he asked “the God of my master Abraham” (24.12) to be with him and bless his way. Having lived with Abraham for many years this servant had become a believer, and now was experiencing the same direction that God provided Abraham in his own life. Eventually he prayed a very specific prayer and God answered it. It was a wonderful example of God’s providence through our prayer lives.

So as you go about your day, week, and year, remember the example of Abraham’s servant. Pray for God’s direction, pray specifically, and watch God move and direct in your life.

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