The book has shifted it’s focus from Abraham to Isaac. Isaac now has the same blessing pronounced upon him by God.

Following in Abraham’s footsteps, Isaac instructs his wife to lie in order to protect him. Abraham wanted Sarah to say she was his sister in order to save his own hide (see chapter 20.2, 12). Abraham was telling a half-truth, for they were in fact related. In Isaac’s case, however, he was not telling the truth at all. While they came from the same family, he was not her brother. And so we see the sin of the father visiting the son. As with Abraham, Abimelech eventually found out and rebuked Isaac. And the thing Isaac feared (death at the hands of Abimelech or his people) was the means by which he was protected!

The next big thing in this chapter involves conflict. Isaac meets with a similar event when the herdsmen of Abimelech argue with his own. Unfortunately Isaac did not display the same ability to address and correct this conflict. It was not until later in the chapter that the issue was fixed (26.28-29). We would do well to practice Abraham’s approach rather than that of his son.

And lastly we see how closely the heart of a parent is tied up in the children. In Esau’s case, he broke his parents hearts by marrying outside their family. This was a much more serious offense than may meet the eye, for marrying another tribe or country typically involved taking on their idol(s). For Isaac and Rebekah, Yahweh was THE God to worship, and to include anything else was a grave sin. So with Esau’s decision came great heartache. And with us today, we have the ability to make or brake our parents hearts, and our children have the same.

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