Hebrew and Greek: A Great Help

So in an article put out by Crossway I recently read several suggestions of how to continue to use and develop Hebrew and Greek by ministers. This article gives a variety of suggestions that were incredibly beneficial. But one that I took and modified was memorizing vocabulary words. 

As I read through the Bible in the mornings, I normally proceed to my prayer time. But now, rather than going straight into my prayer time, I spend a few minutes working through flash cards of verses as well as words from Hebrew and Greek. I have stated out with three for each category, and as time permits I will add anywhere from one to three new words as I get them down. I know it isn’t much, but for right now it’s about do right now.

Another suggestion, and I haven’t been able to do quite yet, is to read my devotions from the original languages . While this would be amazing, I’m not yet that proficient. But for an aspiring Ph. D student, it’s an imperative!!

What are ways you continue to use the original languages throughout your busy life? I would love to here about your successes and failures.


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