This morning I read Exodus chapter 18 for my devotions. I love the book because I am very much like Moses. Neither one of us really desire to speak in front of people (Ex. 4.10, while I love preaching and teaching, and the Lord has greatly helped me, I still get so nervous and feel inadequate). We both have some anger problems (Ex. 16.20; 32.19-20). And one last thing is that we both try to do things alone (Ex. 19.13).

 Moses was attempting to make decisions for the entire nation. He would be at it from morning until evening, literally all day. Can you imagine how tiring this would be?

And yet, you and I try and do many things on our own. We try and lead a good life, we try to succeed at work, we try to do really well in school, raise kids, keep a house clean, and the list could go on forever.

We, like Moses, must have this odd belief that we are the only ones that can accomplish certain tasks, do certain things, and say what needs to be said. But we were never meant to do things alone. When God created us He created us to be with Him and with others (see Genesis 2.18-25). We need help, as Moses needed help! Jethro offered Moses incredible advice and when Moses followed through magnificent things began to happen. He was resting! And one of the benefits of us enlisting help is that we rest.

Another amazing consequence of getting people to help is that it allows them to use their gifts, callings, and abilities to help someone else. We are a community, and as such we are able to help and to be helped. 

I hope that we, like Moses, have Jethros in our lives to help give us sage advice. And I also hope that we actually take the advice.

“What you are doing is not good. You and the people will certainly wear yourselves out, for the thing is too heavy for you.” Jethro

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