In Mark Dever’s and Greg Gilbert’s book Preach: Theology Meets Practice, they devote a chapter to “Delivering the Sermon.” Overall the book is simply yet very helpful. This chapter, particularly, was helpful to me.

Under the heading “The Density of Sermons” the authors write, “The point isn’t for your congregation to be able to recall, like human Google searches, every sentence or even every point you made. The point is for the Word to shape their hearts and minds and wills, and that can happen even if they don’t remember the precise words or points you spoke.” (Preach, 124)

This was so helpful to me, because I tend to get discouraged when people don’t remember what I preached about. I read Andy Stanley’s and Lane Jones’ book Communicating to Change and was left with the impression that if people don’t remember the sermon then I have failed as a preacher. I know that was not their point, but that is how I felt.

With that being said, I hope this might help some of my preacher friends.

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