Yesterday (Wednesday 4 December 2019) I shared some thoughts to our Prayer Group from Psalm 119:1-8. I have been studying affliction in this particular psalm for some time, but I thought it might be a good idea to start on the sufficiency of God’s Word for the life of the believer.

Without going into much detail, here is the basic outline we examined.

I. There is a happiness that comes from sincere obedience to God’s Word- vss. 1-3
II. There is an expectation to observe God’s Law- vs. 4
III. There is a God-dependency revealed in keeping God’s Word- vs. 5
IV. There is a God-honoring confidence in keeping God’s Word- vss. 6-7
V. There is a Gospel-reminding quality with God’s Commandments- vs. 8

I have thoroughly enjoyed working through this psalm. There is so much meat, it fills my spiritual belly!

What thoughts do you have on these verses? How do you apply them to your daily life?

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