One of the articles in the Banner of Truth‘s new release, The Pastor: His Call, Character, And Work, has been a tremendous blessing and excellent challenge to my own spiritual health and work as a pastor. It was delivered by Archibald Alexander, and the title was “The Pastoral Office,” found in chapter 5.

One paragraph in particular was such a blessing I wanted to share it with you. I encourage you to purchase your own copy in the link above. Without further ado, here is the quote.

“The love of Christ ought so to predominate, so to possess his mind, and to bear him along, that every interfering, or opposing principle, should be neutralized or extinguished. This should suggest all his plans, guide all his operations, give energy to all his efforts, and to afford him comfort under all his trials. Constrained by the love of Christ, he should cheerfully forego all the comforts of ease, affluence, and worldly honour to serve his Master in places far remote; or far removed from public observation.This holy affection should impel him to undertake the most arduous duties, and encounter the most formidable dangers; this should enkindle the ardour of his eloquence, and supply the pathos of his most tender addresses.” (page 93)

What a comfort, and what a challenge!

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