The month of November, though filled with celebrations of Thanksgiving and combatting the COVID-19 virus, witnessed an incredible amount of production for biblical studies. Jim West of Zwinglius Redivivus, hosted Biblical Studies Carnival 176 last month. If you missed it, you need to go back and learn about the Puppies! Next month’s host will be Phil.

I am sure I missed quite a bit. If you know of someone who contributes to the various fields involved with biblical studies, please contact me through my contact page.

If you are interested in hosting a biblical studies carnival, or if you know of someone who might be interested, please reach out to Phil! Now, to the Carnival!

New Testament studies

Phil Long has been working his way through the Gospel according to Matthew. These studies cover a variety of topics that develop in the ninth chapter of the Gospel.

The Amateur Exegete posted “Israel’s Davidic gospel–Scribes of the Kingdom.”

Hebrew studies

Bob MacDonald of Dust has been working on an enormous project that provides greater ease with his published concordance. He explains the project in greater detail here. A few examples of his work are the studies of the Hebrew roots גם-גת with accompanying biblical references. Another post covers the Hebrew roots שם. Be sure to keep up with his work as he progresses. Another post that you need to check out is “The revelations of a musical concordance.” This is a fascinating post in which Bob provides an example of words/prepositions and helps in interpreting. In that post he writes, “Here is a method of finding inconsistencies in my division in the semantic domains.” I believe his work will yield profitable results for Hebrew studies.

Kim Phillips posts many discussions of Hebraic issues and important dialogues covering biblical and Talmudic Hebrew.

Michell Knight, cohost of the Foreword podcast, discusses a variety of issues involved with the Hebrew Scriptures. These discussions focus on reading books like Judges and Joshua, as well as issues of judgment.

Textual criticism

The blog Exegetical Textual Criticism has many helpful articles ranging from the “infinitesimal points” to interviews. There are numerous posts this month that, if you are involved/interested in textual criticism, you will want to examine.

REformational studies

Jim West has produced an enormous amount of materials for Reformational Studies. These range from quotes, to excerpts of a variety of leaders, to images.

Book reviews

As usual, Phil Long of Reading Acts, produced several helpful book reviews. Personally, his review of Dual Citizens: Politics and American Evangelicalism piqued my interest. His review has landed this title on my “to get” list. Phil also reviewed Navigating Tough Texts by Murray Harris. The title reveals the nature of the work, and for those involved with regular preaching/teaching, it should be on your list to get. Another review is offered for Rebels and Exiles: A Biblical Theology of Sin and Restoration. In addition to these three reviews, Phil also reviewed the following:

Though not always a review, Ayuda Ministeral/Resources for Ministry provides a wide range of books for biblical studies. Check it out here.

Brent Niedergall reviewed The Curse in the Colophon. After providing some biographical information on the author, Edgar Godspeed, Brent briefly reviews the book. Brent also reviews Linguistics and New Testament Greek by David Alan Black and Benjamin L. Merkle. His final review covers J. V. Fesko’s The Need for Creeds Today.


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