Reading- Random Thoughts Part Three

How we read is also another important factor to consider. What I mean by this is, what the location is when we read, our physical position, digital versus hard copy, etc.

I personally prefer reading while laying belly flat on the ground. I find this the most comfortable position. Others may prefer a chair on a porch on a nice warm day. Whatever your choice is, go with what is most comfortable for you. The chances you will read more are higher if the conditions are conducive.

Next find the location that you can focus your attention what you are reading. Some people need complete silence when reading, so a family room with a lot of activity would definitely be a distraction. Others may prefer the outdoors, where birds sing their songs and crickets make their rhythmic hum. I read best when there is noise. Whether it is a show on tv or my daughter playing in the room, I need noise in order to concentrate.

Lastly, find your preference of reading material. In other words, if you like digital copies then use it! With the availability of so many tablets, phablets, and smart phones, there are a variety of options from which to choose. On top of this, there are several apps that can be downloaded for the use of reading. Some cost money while others are free. Either way you decide to go the main thing is to read! If, on the other hand, you are like me, you prefer hard copies. I like to write in my books.


Sometimes I write thoughts I may have, such as “I agree”, or “Where is the proof?”. Most of the time I write how the passage, paragraph, or statement has made an impact on me. I also like to write cross references in order to ease future searching. The key difference in digital copies and hard copies, for me at least, is that I can personalize my books by adding myself into each one.

Reading- Random Thoughts Part Two

So as we contemplate reading, one of the sure threats to excellent reading is “skimming.” We do it all the time. I would venture to guess you’re probably doing it now!

It’s something we all struggle with daily. The amount of material we come in contact with is astounding. From news and sports channels on television to Twitter and social media, Americans have access to a seemingly infinite amount of information. It is impossible to process all this information.

Because of the amount of information we have available we have developed the ability to skim read vast amounts of material and get the gist of what was written. This can be very beneficial for matters that are not related to truths that have eternal results. Sports scores, daily news, stock prices are all easily observed and stored into the brain.

However, for Christians, we should develop the ability of reading comprehension. After reading an article, magazine, or book the Christian should be able to give what was read in his or her one language. Skimming will not suit this desired goal. While skim reading has benefits, it should be avoided when reading the Bible and other books that can help develop the character and life of the individual. So as you read throughout today, stop; take the time to actually read with the ability to comprehend what you have just read. You’ll notice a difference in your ability to process what you read!


Reading- Random Thoughts Part One

So we all desire to read more, read deeper, and probably finish some books. But we all have the same problem, no matter what stage in life we may be found in at the moment, we are all busy. Time is a precious commodity, and from the busy mom to the working dad, from the teenager involved in all sorts of activities to the young children busy playing, we all struggle to find time to read.

For the Christian, reading is a necessity. Reading the Bible is of utmost importance. It is how we grow in our relationship with The Lord, it is how we learn more about the Christian faith, and it tells us how we should live in the present world.

But the Christian shouldn’t be satisfied with just the Bible. This is not to say the Bible isn’t all the Christian needs, but that other books can prove to be helpful, encouraging, and informative.

There will be additional posts coming soon, but for now, purpose to read at least ten minutes a day. You may be surprised at how much you can work through a book with only ten minutes a day.