I have been privileged to review several books. I am putting the author, book, and my review linked below.

If you have a book you would like me to review, please email me at howell.n.robert@gmail.com. I cannot promise to review it, but I would at least like the opportunity!

Ragy Girgis, MD, On Satan, Demons, and Psychiatry (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2020) Review

Mark Ward, Authorized: The Use & Misuse of the King James Bible (Edited by Elliot Ritzema, Lynnea Fraser, and Danielle Thevenaz, Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press, 2018) Review

John Hendrix, The Faithful Spy: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Plot to Kill Hitler(Amulet Books, 2018) Review

Dr. Jerome D. Lubbe, Whole-Identity: A Brain-Based Enneagram Model for (W)Holistic Human Thriving (Dr. Jerome D. Lubbe, 2019) Review

Andrew Lawler, The Secret Token: Myth, Obsession, and the Search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke (New York, NY: Doubleday, 2018) Review

Allan Harman, Preparation for Ministry (Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth Trust, 2015) Review

Stephen Burnhope, Atonement and the New Perspective: The God of Israel, Covenant, and the Cross (Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2018) Review

Andrew Lawler, The Secret Token: Myth, Obsession, and The Search for The Lost Colony of Roanoke (New York, NY: Doubleday Pubishers 2018) Review

Andy Naselli and J. D. Crowley,  Conscience: What It Is, How to Train It, and Loving Those Who Differ (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2016) Review

Terry Heaton, The Gospel of Self: How Jesus Joined the GOP (OR Publishers) Review

Meg Salter, Mind Your Life: How Mindfulness Can Build Resilience and Reveal Your Extraordinary (MegaSpace Press, 2017) Review

Anthony Bartlett, Seven Stories: How to Study and Teach the Nonviolent Bible (Hopetown Press, 2018) Review

Eric Metaxas, If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty (New York, NY: Penguin, 2016) Review