Well, it is 1 March 2022, and the first day of the month brings a new Biblical Studies Carnival. What is this Carnival?

No, it is not a circus of people in odd clothing or anything like that. The Biblical Studies Carnival is an opportunity to showcase recent publications in biblical studies. These Carnivals include book reviews, blog posts, series, published works, and other media.

It is an excellent way to catch up on current studies and connect with new scholars and researchers. I have thoroughly enjoyed making new acquaintances with people who are much smarter than I am that are able to help expand my knowledge of the Bible.

Last month, Jim West hosted the Carnival with a massive amount of materials. You can check it out on his blog: https://zwingliusredivivus.wordpress.com/2022/02/01/the-january-carnival-of-the-biblical-studies-carnivals-take-one/

Here are the upcoming Carnivals:

You may notice that June does not have someone represented. That is true. That is because it is saved for you. That’s right! You can join in the Biblical Studies Carnival work by hosting it on your own blog. You may have questions, and that’s understandable, and Phil would love to answer your questions (@PLong42).

Biblical Places, Historical Issues, and Archaeology

Todd Bolen, of BiblePlaces.com, provides over ten links/recommendations of recent discoveries, posts, and events: https://www.bibleplaces.com/blog/2022/02/weekend-roundup-part-2-145/

New Testament & Greek Studies

Phil Long provides numerous studies on the New Testament. He is currently working through the Gospel according to Matthew. Here are a list of those posts according to their references:

I realize that the LXX is the Old Testament in Greek and would normally be placed in that section, since it is Greek we will leave it in this section. Brent Niedergall celebrates International Septuagint Day with a post. Brent provides a plethora of links including music, book reviews, and discussions all focused on the LXX.

Peter Gurry answers the question, “Should the Next NA/UBS Editions Use Numbers for Majuscules?

Ferdie Mulder interviewed Peter Head and discussed textual criticism, papyrology, and Ph.D. students. Check it out here.

Ian Paul interacts with the question, “Why is Jesus Tempted in Luke 4?” He also has several posts for the month that might interest you. Check those posts out here.

Book Reviews

How many actually read book reviews? Actually, many people do! They serve a wonderful role in providing potential buyers with a look at the book. Several excellent book reviews came out in the month of February. Here are a few of them (mostly by Phil!):

Old Testament & Hebrew Studies

Bob MacDonald has several posts addressing all things Hebrew.

  • In this post, MacDonald discusses Delitzsch and music.
  • For this post, Bob interacts with Delitzsch and the te-amim.
  • In addition, Bob has several more posts for the month of February dealing with the music of the Psalms.

Gary Greenburg continues his series on “Why We Can’t Date the Exodus.” You can find the first six posts in that series in this link as well.


For those blogs that are widespread in their focuses, here are some recent publications.

The Amateur Exegete has a buffet of materials on his blog. Check it out here.

In a Facebook Group, I learned about this website. It is called intertexual.bible, and it serves to connect all texts. Here is the link.

Charles Savelle has been publishing material on his blog, BibleX, and addresses materials from book reviews/publications, to teaching advice, to synagogues. Check it out here.

Kevin Woodruff also has compiled an excellent set of resources neatly organized and visually appealing. Here is the link.

David Park is another gentleman I met on Facebook. Besides operating a ministry to homeless people, David also shares devotionals and posts on various topics. He has many for the month of February. Here is the link for those posts.

Darrell Wolfe at nohiding.faith provides some excellent resources here.


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